Ejendomsselskabet Hellebro is a Social Impact Investment, i.e. an investment which besides a financial return to the investors should also generate a social and/or environmental return.

Ejendomsselskabet Hellebro was founded 22 February 2018 and was offered to a select group of investors, having payed an equity of 35 million DKK.

Ejendomsselskabet Hellebro has invested in a property on Mosedalvej 15 in Valby which has been renovated to accommodate a drop-in centre and a temporary home for marginalized and homeless young people. The property has one single tenant, the Hellebro Society, which runs the drop-in centre and home among other things.

Hence the purpose of the investment was to facilitate the acquisition and renovation of the property which subsequently is utilised by the Hellebro Society.

Expenses deriving from administration of Ejendomsselskabet Hellebro and managing renovations are defrayed by Core Property Management, given that Core Property Management administers and manages Ejendomsselskabet Hellebro for free.

The Hellebro Society is a private founded, non-profit drop-in centre for homeless young people between 18-29 of age, which was founded in April 2015. The Hellebro Society works as a co-creation platform in which public relief units, companies and volunteers cooperate to help homeless young people get a home, job and education.

Essential investor information

Maibritt Kastrup Madsen
Head of Fund

Direct: +45 3318 8449
Mobile: +45 6160 5161
Email: mkm@coreproperty.dk