Core Bolig X – Property projects in Greater Copenhagen   

Today, Copenhagen is a global metropolis that ranks among the 15-20 most important global urban areas in the world.

Copenhagen and the city’s surrounding municipalities will benefit from the global urbanization trend that concentrates economic, social and cultural development in global metropolises, and time works for Greater Copenhagen.

We have chosen to start Core Bolig X which focuses on real estate projects in the Greater Copenhagen area, defined by the Finger Plan, originally developed in 1947, and which the Danish Business Authority in 2019 has adopted as a national directive. The plan has since formed the framework for the overall development of the Greater Copenhagen area. Investments are primarily made in property projects, where the properties must first be built, so there will be no significant revenue in the first years.


It is possible to subscribe for Core Bolig X from 5 October 2020 to 5 November 2020. Some closings has already taken place, which provided a capital base of 327,5 million DKK.


You can read more about Core Bolig X in Offering Memorandum. 

Further information 

If you need further information about Core Bolig X, please contact CEO, Niels Lorentz Nielsen or Deputy Director John Fisker Bødker.