Investment Concept

We follow a strict investment process almost similar for all our property funds.

Properties as investment assets are characterised by both large trade costs, illiquidity and individuality. Hence the purchasing process is essential. 

We follow a top down process to identify the metropolises expected having economic and population growth. 

Selection of each property relates to a buttom up process which utilises both local consulting services as well as Core Property Managements own experience in property selection. 

After acquisition of a property, we optimise the operation by reducing costs and developing the rental potential through rental optimisation, reconstruction and renovation.

The investors have the opportunity to exit by calling the invested capital for the first time after seven years and hereafter every three years.

Investment Concept:

Investor Portal

Investors can be granted access to our historical documents (i.e. Newsletters, Annual Report Meetings, Financial reports) through an online Investor Portal.

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