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Core Property Management P/S

Axeltorv 2N, 4.
DK 1609 København V

Phone: +45 33 18 84 40
CVR: 38 23 89 49


Axel Towers

We have offices in the two towers facing Axeltorv opposite Axelborg. Entrance 2N is in the tower towards Tivoli’s main entrance and Axelborg. There is access via the city garden, the open area in the 1st floor height between the towers of Axel Towers.



You can park in the Axel Towers underground car park. Access is via Jernbanegade with driveway from H.C. Andersens Boulevard. Downhill to the parking basement is opposite the Circus building. APCOA PARKING manages the car park in Axel Towers. Parking and payment are on an hourly basis. You can pay with various payment cards as well as with the app MobilParking and EasyPark.

Strandvejen 44,
2900 Hellerup

Spar Nord Bank A/S
Skelagervej 15,
9000 Aalborg

Strandvejen 44,
2900 Hellerup


DK 1609 København V            Axeltorv 2N, 4.            DK 1609 København V            Tlf.: +45 33 18 84 40              Persondatapolitik